In order to achieve their highest level of success, percussionists should be presented with a logical presentation of key musical concepts throughout middle school and high school. Contemporary Percussion Concepts offers regular class instruction, curriculum ideas, and clinics which are useful to students without a full-time percussion director, or to supplement the offerings of a regular percussion instructor.

Class instruction:

CPC offers regular class instruction to middle school and high school percussionists through band programs in the Knoxville area. These sessions may be funded through band boosters and/or the school district, and are designed to supplement instruction from a primary percussion director, or provide key tools and concepts in the absence of a percussion director.

Click here for a sample of material introduced in a keyboard reading session

Clinics and presentations:

CPC offers clinics and sessions to suit the needs and focus of your school percussion program. Clinic topics include:

Click here for a sample of concepts for marching percussion clinics

CPC can also design a set of clinics to suit the interests of your staff and students.

Percussion club:

Instruction, ensembles, and introduction to the wide world of percussion meeting once a week after school, funded by student participation fees and/or supplemented by the school district as a club activity.

Additional services
Program consulting:

A unique offering of Contemporary Percussion Concepts is a personalized consulting session to identify ways to maximize the potential of your percussion students. This is commonly offered in conjunction with instructional sessions, and may be designed to help the non-percussionist band director establish goals, curriculum, and methodology for approaching percussion instruction. A consulting program may be established to enrich the instruction from a regular percussion specialist.

Topics of focus for consulting may include:

Click here for a sample of ideas on competitive musicianship

This is just a sampling of a few possible areas for consultation. The goal of this service is to provide additional ideas and resources to reinforce your musical priorities.


Securing one or more judges for a competitive event, solo and ensemble contest, chair placement audition, or drumline placement can take careful planning and coordination. CPC offers qualified judges for these events as well as rubrics and materials to provide detailed and clear audition results that are easy for students and parents in interpret. Just contact CPC for details!

Instructional staffing

Take the uncertainty out of securing a staff to teach your percussion students. Instructors recommended by CPC are highly trained and experienced teachers, professional, and reliable. While CPC does not employ teachers, we can offer recommendations and referrals for proven educators. Select a team of staff for a drumline camp, or locate an instructor for the upcoming school year.